For Sale By Owner


Location: 13 Miles West of Sandpoint, 500 yards off State Highway 2 on River Birch Road.   On the "sun" side of the water. 

Directions: From Sandpoint go west on State Highway 2.  Pass the rock cuts. You will see a turnaround on the left side of the highway with a street sign "River Birch Road".  Turn toward the water and follow this road about 500 yards.  The lot is inside the wrought iron fence.  There is a gate in this fence by the rose bushes.  There is an existing chain link fence on the east side, and a temporary wire fence on the west. Also note the corner stakes by the road, inside the fences.  

If you get to the Laclede Store you have gone too far.

Size: 110 front feet on the water.  271 feet deep 

Topography:  Lot is level to gently sloping for the most part.  It sits perhaps 20 feet above winter pool (well above the flood plain) and slopes down at a walkable angle near the water.  Soil is sandy.  Water deepens quickly from shore (suitable for large boats). 

Water: Laclede Municipal Water at the road.  Hook-up fee required.

Electricity: Northern Lights at the road.

Phone: Verizon at the road.  Good cell-phone reception (there is an ATT tower just across the water)

Septic - has been perk-tested and approved.

Fencing: Chain link on East, Wrought iron on road side, temporary wire and stake on west.

Riprap:  The entire shore has log riprapping plus rock.  See picture.


Most of the lot is in grass with fruit trees.  Apple, pear, cherry, plum, walnut, lilacs, forsythia, roses, and others.  The sloping area near the shore is wooded and natural.   

Beautiful in all seasons!





Price: $462,000

(Courtesy to Brokers)

Terms: Prefer cash but will consider terms with $100,000 or more down, due in 5 years, buyer to pay all fees associated with note escrow.


Contact:   E-mail:  wrendesign@wrendesign.com (If your computer does not allow e-mails from websites please copy and paste into your preferred e-mail program.)

          Phone: 208-964-1872 or 480-659-7863  

          Mail: 11062 E. Neville Ave., Mesa AZ 85209 

We've added many additional Pictures.   Following pictures there is some general information on area.

Enjoy apples from several trees in the fall.

This was taken from our boat near the property!

This is NOT on the lot, but at our home which is two houses down.  We include it to show the water level in the winter at our fixed dock.   You can also have a floating dock.

Springtime brings apple blossoms.  This tree is on the lot.

This tree is also on the lot.

So are the lilacs!

And the snowball bush.

And a tulip tree!

Fall is beautiful.  (This picture is not on the lot - it is at our home, but the carpet of leaves is similar!)

More fall colors!

No - this is NOT on our lot - but it is a wonderful day trip to the big cedars!

Shows fence with forsythia.  Lot line is right at the edge of the forsythia.  You don't get the daffodils but you can plant more!

We took this on the 4th of July at the Long Bridge in Sandpoint - on our way to the fireworks.  It takes about 30 minutes by boat from your lot.

Rainbow in summer (from our house)

The above 3 pictures are at our house (not the lot) which is two lots over from the one for sale, and substantially the same size and slope.  We installed a walkway for wheelchair accessibility and we did not want to mow so much grass.

This is our neighbors lot which is about 300 feet from the one for sale - showing grass to the water and a more formal approach.  Note that he has a sailboat close to shore.  If you are interested in sailing be sure that you get "deep water" access, as this is.  Another neighbor has installed a series of decks and steps so that's also an option.  If you buy something too low you will have to be concerned with flooding!  This has happened since we have lived here!  It occurs when there is unusually heavy spring run-off and the dam can't release water fast enough.

Our "country road" in winter.  This is not the one you drive in on - it is the one you can stroll down or x-country ski to the dead-end.  Access from Highway 2 is only a few hundred feet, which helps a LOT in winter.   Be aware of that if you buy something very far off a highway - the county does not plow most of the back roads and you have to do it yourself!     Highway 2 is usually the first road cleared.

Sandpoint Farmer's Market

Sunrise from our house.

Winter Shoreline



Approximately 15 minutes west of Sandpoint, Idaho, a few hundred feet off State Highway 2.   Sandpoint is a thriving community of arts and action. Here you will find a famous summer music festival, art shows, galleries, specialty shops, theatres, festivals, the well-known "Lost in the 50's" car show, county fairs, draft horse shows. Also grocery stores, a number of banks, Wal-Mart, Bonner General Hospital, etc.  Sandpoint was highlighted in a recent issue of Sunset Magazine as one of the best small towns in America

Approximately two miles east of LaClede, a small community of  200+ persons. There are a number of quite large waterfront homes here, mostly best viewed from the water – we suggest you try to view properties from a boat!   River Birch Road is a non-county gravel road that hosts 10 or so of these properties, and branches off from State Highway 2, paralleling the water.


LaClede has a Post Office, gas station, small grocery store, small cafe and lounge. There is also a very very nice state park, Riley Creek Park, on the water, with camping and RV facilities, boat launch, and swimming area for kids. Ideal if you have guests visiting with RV's. It is about 3 miles away.


Priest River is approximately 10 minutes west and also offers shopping, groceries, etc. A few miles further on is Newport, Washington, the county seat, with another hospital.


Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and Spokane Washington are both about an hour away and offer big city shopping and events as well as large medical centers.



Lake Pend Oreille is impounded behind Albeni Falls Dam. It is (or was) a natural glacial lake and is 1100 feet deep in places.  The water level rises or falls between winter and summer pool.   In our area it only goes “out” in winter a short distance, keeping your water views year-round.   Be aware if you buy in a bay or shallow area you may have only mud flats 8 months of the year -  we have water view all year!


You can have a floating or a fixed dock.    Boating from your dock is usually possible from mid-May through mid-October.   Floating docks allow longer access.  Winter boating is possible but best done from a public launch ramp on a day basis due to winter weather.   You must obtain a dock permit.


In some years, usually for a few days only, the lake freezes over - but never enough to walk or skate on. There are smaller lakes around (such as Round Lake park) that are sometimes used for skating.



Water sports  Lake Pend Oreille is huge. And deep. From our lot you can go more than 60 miles in one direction and 15 or more in the other. Actually some people go on overnight trips to Bayview or other points. It has yielded a number of record setting fish and there are derbies each year. There are several islands. All water sports are evident - fishing, water skiing, parasailing, sailing, houseboats, power boats, and of course swimming. One of our favorite pursuits is to take a full-day trip to the Green Monarchs, anchor along the wild cliffs (it is national forest), swim in the deep green water, and perhaps stop at Bottle Bay for a delicious repast on the way home.  For variety there is also Priest Lake which is a very large and relatively undeveloped lake north of Priest River.  There are campgrounds and the  "no motors allowed" smaller Upper Priest Lake to explore.   Much of the area is national forest.


Skiing - Schweitzer Ski Basin is about 30 minutes up the mountain from Sandpoint. The runs are great, the views of the lake fantastic, and the lift lines usually short. Get a season pass, rent a locker on the slopes, and you can pop up for a quick run any day all winter when the sun is shining and the powder is fresh!   There are several other ski areas in the vicinity, also the very steep slopes of Lake Louise in Canada, or the world-class Whistler Mountain farther afield but within a long day’s drive.


Golf – The former Hidden Lakes Golf Resort is just outside Sandpoint.  Watch out for the water hazards - it wasn’t called hidden lakes for nothing.   It has been redesigned and reopened as a Jack Nicklaus Signature course called the Idaho Club.    There are several other courses in the general area.   The Coeur d’Alene Resort’s course has the famous floating green.  


Hunting - This is not our thing - but if you are into it you are not alone. It is apparently quite good.


Hiking/Camping - Lots of possibilities - from gentle to extreme. Try the loop trip around Round Lake, head out to the hills and hunt for huckleberries on a number of roads, or wander through one of the stands of old growth cedars. The more adventurous can try rock climbing on the rock cuts near-by (careful please - this scares us!)


Farther Afield – You are within a few hours drive of the Canadian Rockies (Lake Louise, Banff) and all that their parks have to offer.    Yellowstone and the Tetons can be reached in a long day.    One day’s drive also takes you to the city delights of Seattle or Portland, the maritime pleasures of the San Juan Islands or the beaches of the Oregon coast.   Some of our favorites are the tulip fields north of Seattle in the spring, the charming city of Victoria on Vancouver Island, the free ferry crossing to the small arts city of Nelson in British Columbia (only a few hours), the German village of Leavenworth at Christmas, or the shadowy St. Joe River south of Coeur d’Alene.   Lots to explore.

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